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Mauihune monsters are unique one-of-a-kind characters. They have a distinct look that sets them apart from all other children's characters. Bright and bold with quirky personalities. Their faces and bodies are somewhat askew, representing diversity and how we see each other and ourselves. Imperfectly perfect. These cuddly monsters are the ultimate snuggle buddy; floppy with the perfect amount of squish. They are non-intimidating and evoke feelings of love, kindness and friendship with a mischievous undertone. The Mauihune characters are a unique creation unlike no other. Evolving from a tiny bottle of ink, they morphed themselves into the adorable creatures you are falling in love with at this very moment. They are ready to steal your heart, and maybe even your slippers. Hawaiian slippers make great rafts for the Mauihune when they are small. Mainland slippers make great sleeping bags when it gets cold. Mauihune are created by Natalie Embree of Maui, Hawaii. Two children's books have been published. "Mauihune 1-2-3 Come count with me!" and "I Love You More Than Gumdrops!" Mauihune are unforgettable! Once you've met a Mauihune it's hard to forget them. Their unique designs and lovable personalities make them the memorable characters that stick with you long after the stories end. Mauihune is a registered trademark and ready for licensing opportunities.

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