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Mauihune 1-2-3 Come count with me!

What’s fluffy and fun with a creative pun? Mauihune! These mischievous little monsters will steal your heart and maybe even your slippers. Mauihune are mischievous little creatures roaming the island. While their teeth may be sharp, their hearts are soft. They live in the woods, they live here and there. Mauihune may even be found hiding under your chair. These little monsters start their adventure on a river and some how wind up at a slumber party. Your child and even the child in you will enjoy their witty humor and fun. Mauihune are loving and kind, and they enjoy a good snuggle. Snuggle up to your little monster and enjoy the adventure. This a paperback copy.   

Mauihune 1-2-3 Come count with me!

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